The stone is very??dense and tough??and nothing seems to damage it. Test results on??density, flexural strength and durability??support the claim that it is an almost??indestructible??natural stone.??This makes it very??versatile.??A??low maintenance??surface. ??Our customers tell us that “Sofala floors gets dirty but you don’t notice it – the grey and gold colour disguises it beautifully”. This make cleaning and maintenance less stressful.

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Body tiles

300x300x9-11mm, 400x120x9-12, 400x400x12-14mm & 600x400x12-14mm

Bullnose coping

300x300x25 & 400x400x25mm & 400x400x30mm


400x400x30mm. For more information go to Pavers

Loose flagstone pieces

variable sizes; thickness 18-40mm. Each crate = 20m2 approx. Each layer in the crates = 1m2 but when laid may be up to 10% less in covered area depending on width of grout joints used.

French Pattern

6 piece, 1x600x400, 2x400x400, 1x400x200 & 2x200x200mm with an approximate area of 0.72m2

Random pattern

4 sheets/covered m2, (each 0.25cov.m2) thickness 12-15mm.


90x90x25-30mmmm on netted sheets 400x400mm


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