This product is the lightest of any sandstone available. It has a??silky smooth texture??when dry but when wet becomes surprisingly ‘grippy’ which makes it an attractive outdoor surface even in wet weather or around pools.??Of all available sandstones, it has very good qualifications for use around salt water pools even though??it just misses out on the water absorption benchmark of 0.1%.??The Willow sandstone range is our most popular sandstone because of its??beautiful variation in light and cool summery colours.??This is the lightest coloured sandstone on the market.

although it’s a favourite around pools, one should be wary that like sand at the beach, it can be a little glary in summer due to its very light surface colour and may show the dirt.??Sealing with Sealers Choice Gold??Rapid that lasts 10-15 years is a good insurance against staining from food beverages, leaves, dirt and bird droppings though.??The colour of the stone in dry form is white, straw and grey with tinges of eucalyptus green and pink. After rain, the colour will darken showing the full spectrum of colour that is more apparent in??Willow Natural Split. Willow Sandstone in honed surface is ideal for indoor and outdoor surface applications.

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400x400x15mm, 600x400x15mm


400x400x30mm & 500x500x30mm by special order. Other sizes also available by order.

Bullnose coping

400x400x22mm & 400x400x30mm & 500x500x30mm; others sizes available by request.

Ledge tile

600x400x15mm with 25mm bullnose

Treads with bullnosed edge

1000x350x30, 1500x350x30mm


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